Gold Qi - The Art of Skin Care

Discover the age of natural, flawless glamour as you apply the elegance and style that is the Gold Qi range. Feel the thrill and awakening of your skin's life force as you live the rich warmth of our night cream, the vitality of our day cream, the tautness of our eye cream and the calm of our neck oil.

Welcome to Gold Qi

Master Health Products is a manufacturer and importer of natural and organic products, which are distributed to various outlets in South Africa. Since its establishment in 2000, Master Health Products have consistently strived to provide consumers with prime quality products that are flawlessly natural.

The Gold Qi cosmetic range is a remarkable addition to the Master Health Products offering. After thorough research, 30 natural ingredients were selected for their unsurpassed mastery in healing and anti-ageing.

Argan oil is the primary ingredient of all the Gold Qi products and is exclusive to an area in South Western Morocco. The oil which comes from the Argan tree is only found in the 800 000 hectares between Essaouira and Agadir.

Argan oil is also referred to as “liquid gold” mainly due to the fact that it takes 100kg of fruit to create only 2kg of this prized oil or, nearly 17 trees per litre. The other is its amazing therapeutic ability. This precious oil has been harvested and used by the Berber women of the area for centuries to maintain their flawless skin, hair and nails.

Argan oil has incomparable health benefits, one of which is that it contains twice as much Vitamin E as Olive oil. This makes it unbelievably effective in cell regeneration and fighting free radicals which are a major contributing factor to ageing.

The Gold Qi range consists of the following exceptional products:

  • Gold Qi Face and Neck Oil – To rejuvenate
  • Gold Qi Geranium Scented Facial Cleansing Bar – To moisturise and refresh Mature Skin
  • Gold Qi Lemongrass Scented Facial Cleansing Bar – To moisturise and refresh Normal Skin

and previously included (but since discontinued):

  • Gold Qi Day Cream – To awaken
  • Gold Qi Night Cream – To soothe
  • Gold Qi Eye Cream – To revive
  • Gold Qi Face and Neck Cream – To rejuvenate
  • Gold Qi Hand and Body Lotion – To restore
  • Gold Qi Travel Moisturiser – To caress

Master Health Products also offers a broad spectrum of other natural products to assist you in your bid for a healthier lifestyle. Follow the links below to a summary of each and should you wish to read more, simply follow the link to visit the website.