I have been using Gold Qi face products for some time now and find the texture of my skin has improved. I particularly like the eye cream after using it for some time I am finding the wrinkles around my eyes reduced when I smile.

I enjoy the natural colours and the smell of the products

LM – Cape Town

Years ago I commented on the incredible improvement in a friend’s skin texture and tone. She told me that she was using argan oil. I was delighted the other day to find that there is now a complete range of products under the label Gold Qi and instantly started using it. My daughter commented the other day that the lines on my “over-50-year-old” skin had disappeared – to my delight. The eye cream is the best I have ever used – every morning after applying it I can instantly feel my eyes widen and wake up. What a wonderful time to be around with the introduction of a all-natural skincare range that actually does what it says it will do. Thank you.

A Probyn – Cape Town

I have been using the Gold Qi Face and Neck oil during my pregnancy (both on my face and tummy) and have noticed how exhilarating my skin looks and how supple the skin on my stomach has become. As it works under these conditions, it will under any other – I believe.

CF – Cape Town.